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December 27, 1896 Mattie to Nat

I think the very last letter written to Nat. Soon after they were married and living together in Gallatin. My mother's fictional account starts here .

Colorado Springs

December 27, 1896

Mr. N. S. Givens

Gallatin, MO

Mr Dearest boy –

Your beautiful present reached me safely on Christmas morning. I did not expect anything so lovely, nor do I think I deserve it. I will try and show you how much I like it when I see you, for I can’t express it on paper. Everyone who sees it thinks it so pretty. I feel that my present to you was a very small affair in comparison, but my time was so limited that I thought that was the best I could do for this time. When I get time I will make you and myself lots of pretty things.

Jennie Adams sent me a table piece embroidered with maiden hair ferns. It is very nice. Ella has not seemed to remember us. Though she was here a great deal the longest. She is too close.

I think it will be nice for you to stop coming out if you can. I don’t believe I really care to stop even if we could, for I will be anxious to reach my journeys’ end and rest, and see my new relatives. That will be the most embarrassing part of it for me.

Mamma, Estelle and I went out to the lake this afternoon to watch the skaters. There were hundreds there. The ice was not very safe, and just after we got there a boy went in. He came to the pavillion after he was rescued looking very cold and wet and rather scared also.

I have an idea that Hattie will come about the time you do, and it will be nice if she can come with you. It will be a great deal less monotonous traveling. Fred comes down quite often. He was here Christmas evening and we had a nice time. Ed and Alta were also over in the afternoon and evening. It was the first time Ed has been here for quite a while. He is away most of the time. I don’t think he cares anything about that letter your wrote now. He acts all right any how, and is just as big a dunce as ever. Alta said she would write to you today. I told her a day or two ago that the time is set for the 11th and she was surprised that it was so soon. She thought it would not be before the 15th she said. Ma Childers does not know it yet though. She came to the office Saturday morning to see the watch and thought it a beauty. I will tell you something else she said when I see you, and find out how much truth there is in her surmise.

Just two weeks from tomorrow. Do you realize how near the time is getting? It seems rather strange to me when I think about it. I can hardly believe that I am going to be married, and to you, after all the years we have known each other. Alta takes great interest in the preparations, but says she hates terribly to see me leave. I want to write several letters tonight so I will close and await the arrival of yours before I write more.

Your most loving Girlie


Your letter with the proof of the announcement came this morning. I intended to have them read, Monday, January 11, but the omission of the day is not serious. I think I should like the street no. but you can do as you like about that. I think I said I would want about fifty. You didn’t say whether to return the proof but I will to make it safe.

Yours with love,

M. H.

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