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A Memoir

Welcome to Only Me No More, the place where I share the memoir of my mother, Margaret Kirk Holland.

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Remembering Granny

I can’t imagine a day going by that some thread of the past doesn’t inform thoughts and actions whether consciously or not. We are all...

First Decade of the 20th Century

In Early April of 1907, Mattie and her newborn baby girl, already named Margaret Kirk after her great-grandmother, lay peacefully in the...

Gallatin Missouri

Gallatin, Missouri's main claim to fame was that Jesse James and gang, approximately 20 years earlier, had robbed the local bank. Ed...

December 27, 1896 Mattie to Nat

I think the very last letter written to Nat. Soon after they were married and living together in Gallatin. My mother's fictional account...


Unless it’s a favorite cashmere sweater, I believe in pulling at threads to see where they take you. Threads in life especially interest...

Fulfillment of a Vow

My dear mother was an earnest soul who kept her promises and held to her convictions. She drove us nearly mad with her stubborn refusal...

A Love Letter from Nat

I think of you lots nearly all the time and sometimes when I feel blue I think much of you and then I feel better. I want to see you awful b

Pre-Wedding Jitters Part 2

Just two weeks from tomorrow. Do you realize how near the time is getting? It seems rather strange to me when I think about it. I can hardly

Pre-Wedding Jitters Part 1

Nathaniel Shores Givens Pre Mustache Pre Marriage This begins my mother's fictional account of her grandparent's last days of courtship, ...

Nat and Mattie

My mother's great grandparents on her mother's side were Martha Hollingsworth Givens and Nathaniel Givens. They had a long distance...

Letter From Mattie March, 24 1891

Nat and Mattie's relationship seems well established in this letter. I am going to look for earlier letters to transcribe and post, but...

The Givens

My great-grandfather, William Givens, was mayor of the little town of Gallatin, MO and also its doctor. A local mason built the...

The Past is Prologue

[My mother was passionate about her family's history and how she was the result of large families on both sides yet became one of the...

Margaret Kirk Holland a Eulogy

At the end of the great depression on November 6th, 1933, Margaret Kirk Bragg was born a Presbyterian in the university town of Columbia,...

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